NanoCAN is substructured into four divisions, including eight research units with respective projects to accomplish its goals. The chart below displays the center`s organization. To learn more about the objectives and activities of each project click on the unit in the chart.

The research activities are located in DIVISION 2-4. DIVISON 2 develops and tests different nano-drug formats for the delivery of nucleic acid-based drugs, which are recovered by the activities in DIVISION 3. The main tasks of DIVISION 3 are the construction of advanced cellular model systems and the development and application of high-throughput screening techniques, including massive automated robotic screens, to identify new starting points for cancer stem cell targeting therapies. DIVISION 4 provides core platforms for downstream analyses, especially for pre-clinical evaluation of the novel treatment approaches.

NanoCAN mainly focuses on breast cancer and, in some projects, on advanced metastatic melanoma to obtain proof-of-concept. NanoCAN`s strategy is to create cancer stem cell-targeting drugs with match to individual molecular fingerprints of the cancer cells. This shall  simultaneously yield anti-cancer drugs for personalized treatment approaches.


In order to learn more about the different projects, please click on the respective title in the figure below:

Division 2: Nanoparticles Division 3: HT-Screens Division 1: Management Division 4: Validation, Discovery & Tools Unit 1: Liposomal Devices Unit 2: Aptamers and RNAi / Chimeras Unit 3: Non-Liposomal Nanospheres Unit 4: Cellular Models Unit 5: Robotic Screens Unit 6: Preclinical Validation Unit 8: Proteomics Unit 7: Transcriptomics & Bioinformatics Image Map




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