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Year: 2010

  • S. Schmid, D. Schadendorf and J. Mollenhauer. "Selective killing of cancer cells with hyperac-tivated BRAF kinase or hyperactivated RAS kinases and diagnostic tests for therapy re-sponder prediction". 2010. [More]
  • S. Tchatchou et al. "Identification of a DMBT1 polymorphism associated with increased breast cancer risk and decreased promoter activity.", Human mutation, Vol. 31, Jan, 2010, pp. 60-6. [More] [Online version]
  • T. Thomsen et al. "The recognition unit of FIBCD1 organizes into a noncovalently linked tetrameric structure and uses a hydrophobic funnel (S1) for acetyl group recognition.", The Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 285, Jan, 2010, pp. 1229-38. [More] [Online version]
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